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Protected natural hummock meadows in the Alpenwelt Karwendel, © Alpenwelt Karwendel | Maximilian Ziegler
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Protected natural hummock meadows in the Alpenwelt Karwendel

Hummock meadows

Up and down the eye follows the hummock meadows, called "Buckelwiesen" in the valley floor between Mittenwald , Krün and Wallgau . Due to the thousands upon thousands of lumps, the landscape looks almost unreal and a little playful. This unique grass-covered hilly landscape is highly worthy of protection and is a  relic of the last glacial period. 1000 of the 1200 hectares of unaltered Bavarian hummock meadows are found in the Alpenwelt Karwendel, the largest part in the area between the lake Tennsee, Krün und the Mittenwalder Kranzberg. To ensure that this remains so, our farmers spend a lot of effort in manual work and lifestock farming. With these traditional techniques also many alpine herbs and over 200 plant types are thus preserved. Here one still reaches traditionally for the scythe foregoing fertilizers, and sheep and goat herds graze on the hummocks.

Always worth a visit

Spring sows all over the hummock meadows a colourful dress of crocus, gentian, bird`s eye primroses and many other rare alpine blooms. Or how about a visit during the “Wiesmahd”-time in high summer? Then fresh hay and the invigorating scent of herbs fill the mountain air – an experience on foot or on two wheels. After the summer, the landscape is immersed in soft reddish colour tones; through the low autumn sun, each hummock throws its own shadow. The chapel Maria Rest in the middle of hummock meadows near Krün then blends in ideally with the landscape.  However, also in the wintry snow cover you can still easily recognize the hummock formation during a winter walk .

The golf players amongst you get their money`s worth in Wallgau. The 9-hole-course of the Golf- and Country-Club Karwendel was laid out with great care on the grounds formed by the glacial melt. Framed by the panorama of the Karwendel and Wetterstein massifs, it ranks amongst the most beautiful golf courses of the alpine region.

Experience the hummock meadows

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