Violin-Making in Mittenwald

...Mittenwald and its violin-making...

In 1684 Mathias Klotz brought the craft from Italy to his home town in Bavaria. This was the beginning of a centuries-old tradition. The violin-making school was established 200 years later. Students from all over the world still come to Upper Bavaria today to learn the beautiful craft.

Around a dozen master violin makers are active in Mittenwald and their pieces are highly desired in the music world. The work of their colleagues from the 19th century can be admired at the Mittenwald Violin-Making Museum. Since 1930, it has been drawing visitors into the world of the music and has over two hundred stringed and plucked instruments on display.

All you need to know on the subject of "violin-making in Mittenwald" can be found in the illustrated book “Geigenbau in Mittenwald”. Over 100 vivid color photographs and informative articles tell a lot about the development of this unique and historic craft.


  • Musicians strike up a tune during the Mittenwald Musiksommer festival at the Violin-Making Museum, in Mittenwald's churches, and also at other atmospheric locations.
  • The “Violin Tree” is in the district of Gries, right near the monument to Master Klotz.
  • You can download an overview of the violin builders here.
  • Guided tours can be found in the events calendar.


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