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Bicycle tour to Elmau

Bike tour:Round tour

Start: Krün ; Krottenkopfstraße ; Zentrum - Destination: Krün ; Krottenkopfstraße ; Zentrum ; 82494 ; Krün

This lovely loop from Krün to the Schloss Elmau palace hotel, around Hoher Kranzberg and past Lautersee & Ferchensee lakes includes all of the natural experiences that one can find in the Alpenwelt Karwendel region. The big highlight - the ride to Krün leads through the unique Buckelwiesen"hummock meadows"...

Tour dates

  • Duration1:49 h
  • Distance24.6 km
  • Difficultymedium
  • Altitude338 m
  • Lowest point870 m
  • Highest point1088 m

Tour highlights

    • To the world-famous Schloss Elmau palace hotel
    • Past Ferchensee & Lautersee lakes
    • Lovely bike tour along the Isar river

Tour description

The starting point for this moderate-difficulty tour is the parking lot on Krottenkopfstraße in Krün. From here, follow the road keeping to the left and following signs toward the Maria Rast chapel. The route continues on Hochstraße through the Buckelwiesen "hummock meadows" to the "Quicken" turnoff on the right-hand side. Continue straight along until you reach a railway crossing. Here, turn onto a forest road toward Klais. From Klais, follow the signs for Schloss Elmau, over a toll road up to "Kranzbach." Turn right here onto a small forest road, continuing until you reach Schloss Elmau. Directly in front of Schloss Elmau, past the hotel parking lot, turn left onto a forest road. Follow the signs for Ferchensee lake on this road through the forest. At the lake, you will find several swimming spots and an opportunity to stop for a snack. Continue on a short section, descending very steeply in sections, to Lautersee lake, where you will also find several places to stop and eat, as well as to swim. Then follow a descent to Mittenwald. Once arriving in town, ride straight over a railway crossing; at the turnoff, go right onto Isarauenstraße, which leads directly along the Isar river. Follow this downstream, past a bridge, until the route splits at the second Isar bridge. Turn left here and ride over the bridge, continuing along the Isar to the barracks. From here, keeping to the right, follow the signs via the Isarhorn back to Krün.

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