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real Bavarian costumes, © Alpenwelt Karwendel | Regina Neuner

Traditional costumes in the Isar Valley

Whether short green embroidered leather trousers or a handkerchief for the Dirndl-dress – traditional costumes are worn here in Mittenwald , Krün and Wallgau on the Isar as a matter of course.  For festivities or often for no particular reason. However, the Werdenfelser Kirchtracht (church costume) is only taken out for special events. Anybody looking closely can detect the small, fine differences, for instance in the colours of the Dirndl-skirts, the hat decoration or the elaborately embroidered leather braces. Together with short leather trousers, “Heislans” - knitted stockings which only cover the calves– are worn here. These are always unique to each place, so that one can immediately recognise from where the Trachtler (wearer of traditional costume) comes.


Secret in the detail

You can particularly experience abundant traditional culture at the folklore evenings which regularly take place in the Alpenwelt Karwendel . Enjoy a cosy evening with folk music groups and Schuhplattler (Shoe slappers). At a folklore evening, even the little ones show off their skills, deftly turning their girls as they dance. The lads dancing the “Holzhacker” show off their pure muscular strength. Local music and singing groups round off the evening.

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