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Winter hike to the Ederkanzel near Mittenwald

Winter hikes

Start: Dean Karl Square - Destination: Berggasthof Ederkanzel, Mittenwald

This fascinating winter hike from Mittenwald to the Ederkanzel alpine tavern, at 1,181 m, leads through the snow-covered landscape above Lautersee lake near Mittenwald. Why not take a sled along, to ride down the rapid

descent back to Mittenwald?

Tour dates

  • Duration1:10 h
  • Distance2.8 km
  • Difficultymedium
  • Altitude251 m
  • Lowest point917 m
  • Highest point1168 m

Tour highlights

    • Ideal for group excursions to the Ederkanzel alpine tavern
    • "Ederkanzel" specialty: the turkey meal
    • You can descend by sled back into the valley

Tour description

This winter hike from Mittenwald to the Ederkanzel alpine tavern (1,181 m) begins at the junction of Leutascher Straße / Lauterseestraße. From here, first follow the road toward Lautersee, before occasionally steep climb to the traditional alpine tavern above Lautersee lake begins. After several steep rises toward the Ederkanzel, hikers will reach the infamous "Bavarian Curve," a steep and narrow turn, which must be particularly looked out for on the descent. After a short flat section and the subsequent final climb, you've reached the Ederkanzel alpine tavern and are rewarded with a lovely view of the surrounding valleys. Please note that this route to the Ederkanzel is not a posted sled run; use at your own risk.

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