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On the Jakobsweg (St. James's Trail) through the Alpenwelt Karwendel region

Hiking tour

Start: Wallgau (Town center) - Destination: Leutasch, Inn "Zur Mühle"

The Jakobsweg (St. James's Trail) leads from Schäftlarn, in the vicinity of Munich, to Mötz, in the adjacent Tirol region, over a total of 14 daily stages. On these routes, pilgrims will also hike through all three towns of the Alpenwelt Karwendel region - Mittenwald, Krün and Wallgau, and discover the variety and beauty of the Upper Bavarian holiday region on maintained hiking trails...

Tour dates

  • Duration4:59 h
  • Distance17.3 km
  • Difficultyeasy
  • Altitude417 m
  • Lowest point868 m
  • Highest point1043 m

Tour highlights

    • Maria Rast chapel in the Buckelwiesen "hummock meadows"
    • Unique natural environment of the Alpenwelt Karwendel region
    • Historically significant town centers of Mittenwald, Krün and Wallgau

Tour description

From Wallgau to Krün (3 km)
From the historic Wallgau town square, with its famous frescos, the route proceeds by the tourist information center and the Haus des Gastes (guest house). You will then cross the riverbed of the Finz, which is usually dry. Passing crossroads and wayside shrines, through vast meadows surrounded by a magnificent backdrop of mountains, you will reach Krün.
From Krün to Mittenwald (8 km)
You will leave Krün to the southwest, crossing under the B 2 road through a tunnel and climb to the right on Straßwald to Hochstraße. The Maria Rast chapel has stood there since 1997 and invites you to offer a brief prayer. Hiking on Hochstraße will lead you through the ridges of the Buckelwiesen "hummock meadows," surrounded by a spectacular panorama. Passing the Goasalm alpine hut, the Ganghofer youth hostel and various geotopes and biotopes, you will reach Staatsstraße. Crossing Staatsstraße and the railway line and climbing several steps, you will reach a footpath which leads to the luthier town of Mittenwald. On Goethestraße, passing the Evangelical Church of the Trinity, you will enter the oldest district of Mittenwald, called "Gries," and find the magnificent baroque parish church of St. Peter and Paul. The pilgrim's trail leads by the historic pilgrim house, on Obermarkt and Innsbrucker Straße, and then follows the Leutascher Ache river to the start of the Leutaschklamm gorge, where it reaches Tirol.

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