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Bavarian cosiness.


About 2,000 inhabitants live in the widely ramified village with its four districts. In the centre of the village, you can stroll past houses with Lüftl paintings and venerable buildings. The church of St. Sebastian is well worth a visit. Inside, the discreet rococo decoration is astonishing. The chapel in Klais, decorated with Lüftl paintings, is a gem. Nearby you can walk along the Via Raetia, the Roman road that led from Augsburg to Verona.


Flowery Splendour
The paths along the Isar River, especially the Isar Nature Experience Trail with its information boards and activity stations, are also ideal for walks and cycling excursions
. The surrounding area is especially beautiful in spring, when gentians sprout next to white and purple crocuses. The local bathing lakes, the Barmsee, the Grubsee and the Geroldsee, are picturesque. The water in the small Grubsee reaches a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius.




Rathausplatz 1
82494 Krün

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