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King's Hiking Trail in Alpenwelt Karwendel

Hiking tour

Start: Krün village centre - Destination: Isarhorn near Mittenwald

On the trail of King Ludwig II to the Schöttlkarspitze and around the Soierngruppe.

Tour dates

  • Duration10:23 h
  • Distance24.4 km
  • Difficultymedium
  • Altitude1636 m
  • Lowest point861 m
  • Highest point1922 m

Tour highlights

    • Overnight in the Soiernhaus - former alpine domicile of King Ludwig
    • the turquoise-blue mountain lakes "Soiernseen"
    • royal panoramas

Tour description

The 2-day tour starts in Krün town centre (accessible via the bus stop of the same name) or in Wallgau at the town hall (accessible via the bus stop of the same name). Here you take a forest road to the Fischbachalm (partly managed) and from there two paths lead to the Soiernhaus, the former hunting lodge of the king. The Lakaien-Steig, secured with wire ropes, requires surefootedness and a head for heights. This was used by the royal servants as a shortcut, hence the name. The second option, a leisurely walk along the forest road and via the Dog Stable to the Soiernhaus, was the king's way up. If you are fit enough, you can make a detour to the Schöttlkarspitze (approx. 2 hours easy walking time). The king's "Belvedere" tea pavilion once stood here. The truly regal panoramic view is simply fascinating. Back past the two turquoise-blue lakes, enjoy the night in the Soiernhaus (DAV hut). Well rested and excellently strengthened, the second day continues via the Jagersruh trail towards the Jöchel to the Soiernspitze. Then descend to the Vereiner Alm (refreshments) and the Krinner-Kofler-Hütte, where you can also spend the night and enjoy the tranquillity of nature. After a rest, take the forest road down the valley and follow the Jägersteig trail on the left towards the Aschauer Alm (not managed). From there, continue to the Isarhorn, where you have the option of taking the bus back to Krün/Wallgau.


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