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Family day in Wallgau - Isar and rafting

Hiking tour:Round tour

Start: Wallgau Town Hall - Destination: Wallgau Town Hall

Explore the Isar with all its facets with your family. Animals and plants that have long been displaced elsewhere live here. Little dam builders can occupy themselves here for hours on the gravel banks of the Isar and there is also a real raft with a treasure chest.


Tour dates

  • Duration2:14 h
  • Distance5.6 km
  • Difficultyeasy
  • Altitude25 m
  • Lowest point845 m
  • Highest point873 m

Tour highlights

    • Informative about rafting
    • Fun for the whole family
    • Pushchair accessible trail


Tour description

The tour starts at the town hall in Wallgau, which can be reached via the bus stop of the same name, past the Kurpark into Flößerstraße, then keep to the right to reach the raft stage on the Isar, which can be reached in about 20 minutes. There is a lot to discover there, namely a real treasure chest on the raft with interesting information and interesting facts on the subject of "rafting". Then walk through the dry Finzbach bed to the Isar footbridge, cross it and then keep left towards the Auhütte.
The Isar lies at your feet. Children's eyes grow bigger here. In spring and autumn, horses and cows graze along the path. Therefore, please always treat animals with respect and keep dogs on a leash. They don't want to be stroked, just admired from a distance. Almost like a safari. On a warm summer day, it is definitely worth cooling your feet in the Isar before continuing towards the Auhütte. This is known for homemade bread, delicious cakes and homemade Kaminwurzen. High mountains and a wide valley define the view here. Once you have quenched your thirst, you return to the Isarsteg and walk along the scenic Kalkbrennerstrasse towards the village square. In the centre of Wallgau you will find, among other things, the café Holzer's Alpenblick with its own ice cream factory, which proves to be particularly family-friendly. It is then only a few metres to the bus stop at the town hall.
Tired and happy children are pre-programmed - "fui Spaß".

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