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Circular hike from Krün via Tennsee & Grubsee

Hiking tour:Round tour

Start: Krün hikers' car park Krottenkopfstraße - Destination: Krün hikers' car park Krottenkopfstraße

Hike across the unique humpback meadows, past the idyllic located chapel

Maria Rast, in the direction of Klais. There you hike along the historic Roman path until you reach Klais and then the Grubsee (bathing lake) back to Krün. At the end of this easy hike, you can end the day with the whole family by bathing and enjoy the glorious view of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Tour dates

  • Duration3:02 h
  • Distance11.3 km
  • Difficultyvery easy
  • Altitude152 m
  • Lowest point870 m
  • Highest point971 m

Tour highlights

    • unique geotope - The Hump Meadows
    • natural biotope - The Tennsee
    • fascinating bathing lake - The Grubsee

Tour description

The starting point for this hike is the car park on Krottenkopfstraße in Krün.  First turn into Finzbachstraße and then follow the signs via Hochstraße in the direction of Kapelle Maria Rast. The chapel is located in the middle of the unique geotope, the Buckelwiesen. Continue to the right, following the signs for a longer descent across the meadows in the direction of Tennsee. Here you can take a break at the Tennsee Alpine Caravan Park before walking past the natural biotope - the Tennsee - in the direction of Klais. At the junction, turn right in the direction of "Quicken". Continue straight ahead until you reach a level crossing. Here you turn right onto a forest road, past the historic Roman path until you reach the district of Klais. After crossing the subway at the main road, turn left towards the petrol station. Before the petrol station, turn right up the Sonnenhügel and follow the forest path to the idyllic bathing lake, the Grubsee. To get back to Krün, follow the signs towards the Barmsee hotel and restaurant. From there, follow the main road for a short while, then take a footpath across the meadows back to Krün.

Height profile