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Bike tour to Krüner Alm alpine hut

Mountainbike tour:Round tour

Start: Krün Hiking-Parkinglot Krottenkopfstraße - Destination: Krün Alm hut

This challenging tour by mountain bike to the Krüner Alm alpine hut, at 1,621 meters, leads cyclists and mountain bikers on forest routes to the alpine pasture region of the cozy Krüner Alm alpine hut, which is operated part-time during the summer months (see daily posting). After the ascent, bikers will do well to enjoy a hearty snack with a unique view...

Tour dates

  • Duration2:41 h
  • Distance26.2 km
  • Difficultymedium
  • Altitude1117 m
  • Lowest point870 m
  • Highest point1622 m

Tour highlights

    • Challenging tour with steep climbs
    • Hearty snacks and refreshing beverages at the Krüner Alm alpine hut
    • Impressive panoramic view of the upper Isar river valley

Tour description

This challenging mountain bike tour begins at the parking lot on Krottenkopfstraße in Krün. Via Krottenkopfstraße, ride following the signs along the road through sunny meadows to the bridge over the Finzbach river. From here, a continually ascending forest road leads toward the Finzalm alpine hut. At the junction, follow the forest road keeping to the right toward the Krüner and Wallgauer Alm alpine huts. The road follows a steep ascent to the elevation of the "Wildbädermoos." From here, there is another small climb, keeping to the left, to the supplies cableway of the Krüner Alm alpine hut (please leave bikes here). From here, there is a 10-minute climb on foot to the Krüner Alm alpine hut.

Height profile