Violin-Making Museum

...a museum with tradition...

Since the lute and violin maker, Matthias Klotz, established himself as an instrument maker in Mittenwald in 1685, this handcraft has influenced everyday life in the local area.

The new "Special Museum for Violin-Making", as it is referred to in the jargon, is divided into two main areas: On the one hand, it shows the local history of Mittenwald, which is inextricably linked to that of violin-making and, on the other hand, the development of local violin-making from Matthias Klotz up to the present day. The Violin-Making Museum has a multitude of exhibits and is home to around 200 instruments from all of the major Mittenwald workshops. From the most valuable masterpiece violins to a simple "trade violin", from children's violins to the double bass, everything is represented. There are also guitars, citterns, and zithers on display, as well as a huge amount of viewing material, such as pictures, maps, charts, tools, and historical and ethnological exhibits.

The museum is one of the oldest buildings in the market located in the town center of Mittenwald, in the immediate vicinity of the Parish Church of St. Peter and St. Paul.
Among other things, the museum is home to sound and smell samples, historical films on the subject of violin-making, an historical exhibition workshop, and special exhibitions. You can download an overview of the violin builders here.


  • Guided tours for groups with detailed information through the Violin-Making Museum can be arranged on request.



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