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Vereiner Alm

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Hut dates

  • Altitude1400 m
  • Trail number265,350,361,362

Brief description / hut character

Vereiner Alm is located at 1,400 metres, below the idyllic Wörner in the Karwendel mountains. The alpine hut, which is only open in summer, has a long tradition - a pasture hut was built there as far back as the 16th century. In the cosy hut, walkers and cyclists alike are welcome and are served with hearty snacks and refreshing drinks. After registering, you can stay overnight at the neighbouring Krinner-Kofler-Hütte, a self-catering hut owned by of the German Alpine Club (Mittenwald section).

General infos


From the car park at Seins-Alm (891 metres) between Mittenwald and Krün, a forest path leads to Vereiner Alm in about 2 to 2 ½ hours. From Aschauer Alm via the Jägersteig, you will need about 3 hours to reach Vereiner Alm.

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