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Snowshoe trek from Elmauer Alm to Eckbauer

Start: Krün, Kranzbach - Destination: Berggasthof Eckbauer, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

This varied snowshoe trek will take you from Kranzbach, near Krün, to Elmauer Alm (1,203 m) and then Eckbauer, above Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Experience a hike through the snow with unique views of the Karwendelgebirge mountains.
Trek highlights

Tour dates

  • Duration2:11 h
  • Distance6.8 km
  • Difficultyeasy
  • Altitude300 m
  • Lowest point1036 m
  • Highest point1240 m

Tour highlights

    • Pleasant excursion destination – Elmauer Alm
    • For experienced showshoers
    • Trek through the alpine landscape, covered in a deep blanket of snow

Tour description

This varied snowshoe trek takes participants to Elmauer Alm (1,203 m), above Schloss Elmau, near Krün, and Wamberger Rücken to Eckbauer (1,250 m) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Trek starts near Schloss Kranzbach, where parking is available. The starting point can also be reached on foot from Klais in about one hour. The snowshoe trek first follows the hiking trail (860) through a small section of forest and then passes the cross-country skiing trail and continues up to Elmauer Alm, at about 1,203 meters, which is open in good weather. From there, follow the forest path toward Wamberg / Eckbauer until you reach a junction. The destination, Eckbauer, is about 15 minutes away from here. Take the
 Eckbauerbahn cable car for a comfortable ride down to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and then use public transit (bus or rail) to get back to Mittenwald.

Height profile