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Multi-day tour between Soiern and Karwendel

Mountain hikes

Start: Griesweg, Krün - Destination: Mittenwald, Zentrum

With up to six daily stages, this multi-day mountain hike through the Soiern and Karwendel mountains is the longest tour in the Alpenwelt Karwendel region. It leads mountain hikers to some of the most beautiful spots in the Region.

Tour dates

  • Duration21:20 h
  • Distance40.0 km
  • Difficultydifficult
  • Altitude3628 m
  • Lowest point861 m
  • Highest point2311 m

Tour highlights

    • Traversing the Soiern & Karwendel mountains
    • Vibrant plant and animal life in the lovely natural environment
    • Longest alpine hut hike in the Alpenwelt Karwendel region

Tour description

1st day
Climb from Krün, first to the Fischbachalm alpine hut (364) and then on to the Soiernhaus lodge via the Lakaiensteig (365) or the somewhat easier Hundstall-Steig (364). The hike will take between 4 and 4-1/2 hours. The first night's stay is at the Soiernhaus lodge. (Trail numbers: 364, 365)
2nd day
On the second day, climb from the Soiernhaus lodge via the so-called Jagersruh-Steig (362), to arrive at the junction toward the Soiernspitze (an additional 1 1/2 - 2 hours). From here, descend to the Vereiner Alm alpine hut, with lodging in the directly adjacent Krinner-Kofler-Hütte lodge. The second day's hike takes about 4 hours. (Trail numbers: 362)
3rd day
On the next day, hike from the Vereiner Alm alpine hut to the Hochland-Hütte lodge via the Wörnersattel (261). The ascent to the Wörnersattel, as well as the descent to the Hochlandhütte lodge are somewhat more challenging and require surefootedness and a head for heights. The hike on the 3rd day takes 3-1/2 to 4 hours. (Trail numbers: 261)
4th day
The fourth day features the short descent from the Hochland-Hütte lodge to the Dammkarhütte lodge junction. You will descend to the so-called Bankerl (262); from here, hike for about 1-1/2 hours over a serpentine trail to the Dammkarhütte lodge (270). Your fourth overnight stay of your multi-day hike will be here. The hike on the 4th day takes a total of between 2-1/2 to 3 hours. (Trail numbers: 262, 270)
5th day
On the fifth day, first climb through the Dammkar to the mountain station of the Karwendel cable car (270), where you will have the option of ending your alpine lodge tour early and riding the Karwendel gondola down to Mittenwald. If you decide to continue your hike, follow the Panorama Trail (274) from the mountain station of the Karwendel cable car to the entrance to the Heinrich-Noe-Steig (277). Because the climb up the Heinrich-Noe-Steig is exposed, you will find several safety elements here, such as cables and footholds. This trail is not for small children! After about 2 to 2-1/2 hours on the Heinrich-Noe trail, you will ultimately arrive at the Brunnsteinhütte lodge. Your fifth lodge overnight will be at the Brunnsteinhütte lodge. The hike on the fifth day will take between 4 and 4-1/2 hours. (Trail numbers: 270, 274, 277)


6th day
The sixth and final day of your multi-day, lodge-to-lodge hike features the descent from the Brunnsteinhütte lodge (291) in approx. 2 hours. After about an hour on the descent, you will arrive at the junction of the Leitersteig. Here, you will cross the Sulzleklamm ravine on the suspension bridge, built in June of 2010. Then follow the Leitersteig toward Gerberhäuser, to the base station of the Karwendel cable car. The easy descent leads you to farmland and, from there, to Mittenwald. Take the bus connection to Krün and the starting point of your mountain tour. (Trail numbers: 291)

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