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K2 Kranzberg route near Mittenwald

Ski tour:Round tour

Start: Mittenwald, Hoher Kranzberg - Destination: Talstation Kranzberg-Sessellift, Mittenwald

The K2 Kranzberg route is a novel backcountry skiing educational trail on the Kranzberg in Mittenwald. Over 3.7 kilometers and about 450 meters of ascent, the K2 Kranzberg route leads from the base station of the Kranzberg chair lift to the 1,391 meter-high summit of the Kranzberg...

Tour dates

  • Duration2:34 h
  • Distance6.8 km
  • Difficultymedium
  • Altitude385 m
  • Lowest point997 m
  • Highest point1382 m

Tour highlights

    • Numerous info panels with tips & tricks
    • Signposted ascent and descent routes
    • Primarily away from groomed slopes

Tour description

The K2 Kranzberg route in Mittenwald leads backcountry skiers from the base station of the Kranzberg chair lift over a designated route, past many informative info panels with practical tips, to the summit of the Hoher Kranzberg, at about 1,391 meters. At about 3.7 kilometers, climbing 450 meters, the K2 Kranzberg route is well suited for beginners and advanced skiers alike. The ascent starts out flat and leads through the wintry beech forest to the nearby Korbinianhütte alpine tavern (1,100 m), the first rest point. The backcountry ski route then enters the ski area on the Kranzberg for a short while, before beginning the ascent to the Saint Anton alpine tavern (1,223 m) and, from there, continuing more steeply to the Kranzberg summit. After a short rest at the Kranzberg summit, the rapid descent begins, back to the starting point at the base station of the Kranzberg chair lift. The descent route, marked with red signs, leads through the skiing paradise on the Kranzberg and the beech forest above Mittenwald, to the starting point of the K2 Kranzberg route.

Height profile