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Historical tour through Mittenwald

Hiking tour:Round tour

Start: Mittenwald train station car park - Destination: Mittenwald train station car park

We take you on a journey through Mittenwald's historic sights. Experience centuries-old houses and churches with colourful paintings (calles Lüftlmalerei), as well as the living art of violin making in one walk.

Tour dates

  • Duration1:30 h
  • Distance2.4 km
  • Difficultyvery easy
  • Altitude13 m
  • Lowest point915 m
  • Highest point933 m

Tour highlights

    • Lüftlmalerei
    • Geigenbau
    • Church of St. Peter and Paul

Tour description

The walk through Mittenwald begins at Bahnhofsplatz. Follow Bahnhofstraße to the Rieger bakery and turn right into Untermarkt. At the Mamma Lucia restaurant, take the left fork and you will see the first sight on the right.


A painted house that was largely spared from the catastrophic fires of the second half of the 19th century. Like the whole village, the Untermarkt also has several houses with historic Lüftlmalerei, such as the "Haus Fürst" painted in the 18th century, on which God the Father, Jesus Christ, Mary, John and several other saints are depicted.


Continue via Fritz Prölß Platz, named after the honorary citizen of Mittenwald, past the raft into Ballenhausgasse. Ballenhausgasse is one of the oldest streets in Mittenwald. Here you will find the violin-making museum and other colourful works on the houses, whose façades depict scenes from Christianity.

A few steps away you will find yourself at another attraction, the church of St. Peter and Paul, Mittenwald's landmark. Directly in front of the church you can see the Matthias Klotz monument, the famous violin maker who first brought the violin making tradition to Mittenwald.


Follow Matthias-Klotz-Str. to the district of Gries. Here you pass the Gries inn and keep left towards the Puit spa park. The spa park invites you to take a short break at the fish pond.


Back you go to the Gries inn and take the right fork past the large wooden violin into Stainergasse. Stainergasse leads directly into Obermarkt, the traditional pedestrian zone of Mittenwald. Here, too, you will find unique Lüftl paintings on the house facades. The fresco painting of the traditional Alpenrose inn with its depiction of the 5 senses is particularly striking. At the end, turn right into Hochstraße and walk along Bahnhofsstraße back to the starting point of the circular tour.

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