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Hike to the Elmauer Alm alpine hut near Krün

Hiking tour

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This easy hike leads you to the Elmauer Alm alpine hut via the impressive Buckelwiesen "hummock meadows" geotope. There, you can enjoy the view over a cozy snack...

Tour dates

  • Duration1:41 h
  • Distance5.2 km
  • Difficultyeasy
  • Altitude199 m
  • Lowest point998 m
  • Highest point1194 m

Tour highlights

    • Hiking through the impressive geotope – the Buckelwiesen "hummock meadows"
    • Hiking through an untouched nature conservation area


The starting point for this hike is the parking lot in front of the Hotel Kranzbach near Klais. Follow the signs toward the Elmauer Alm alpine hut along the edge of the meadows, uphill to the cozy Elmauer Alm.
The way back goes via Elmau Castle, when the castle is in sight, the path turns left before the road in the direction of Hotel Kranzbach. The path runs through a forest above a stream and leads you back to just before the parking lot.

Height profile