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Cross-country skiing on the Genussloipe trail near Krün

Cross-country skiing trail:Round tour

classic and skating

Start: Hiking car park Krün Krottenkopfstraße - Destination: Hiking car park Krün Krottenkopfstraße

Cross-country skiing - classic and skating - on the sunny enjoyment trail across the meadows between Krün and Wallgau with a dreamlike mountain panorama. This easy to moderately difficult trail is suitable for everyone.


Tour dates

  • Duration1:20 h
  • Distance7.0 km
  • Difficultymedium
  • Altitude43 m
  • Lowest point869 m
  • Highest point914 m

Tour highlights

    • along the reed landscape with a unique view of the frozen Lake Barmsee and Karwendel Mountains in the background
    • dreamy mountain panorama of the surrounding mountain ranges
    • Enjoy the untouched nature with a view of the Zugspitze


Tour description

When cross-country skiing on the enjoyment trail - whether skating or classic - the route leads across the meadows slightly downhill in the direction of Wallgau (running direction counter-clockwise). From here, follow the left-hand bend in the direction of Barmsee, towards the sun and the magnificent panorama of Alpenwelt Karwendel over the open winter landscape. After the Bannwald (forest edge), the trail runs through the reed landscape along the Barmsee lake. Now the trail turns left at the junction, passes through a short section of forest and continues across the meadows past the Maximilianshof (closed), back to the starting point. This trail is suitable for beginners and also experienced cross-country skiers. The tour can also be extended to approx. 13 km to Gerold .

Height profile