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Bike tour around the Walchensee

Bike tour:Round tour

Start: Car park Haus des Gastes - Destination: Car park Haus des Gastes

On the bike tour around the Walchensee you get that Canada feeling. The turquoise-green Walchensee with its wooded mountains all around is not only one of the deepest, but also one of the largest Alpine lakes in Germany. On its southern shore there are numerous romantic bathing and picnic bays.

Tour dates

  • Duration3:05 h
  • Distance41.4 km
  • Difficultymedium
  • Altitude498 m
  • Lowest point801 m
  • Highest point902 m

Tour highlights

    • Canada feeling in Alpenwelt Karwendel
    • Visit the Viking film village "Flake" at Walchensee
    • numerous swimming and picnic possibilities at Walchensee


Tour description

At the "Haus des Gastes" in Wallgau pass the tennis court and turn right into Barmseestraße and continue past the village square to the northern end of the village. Follow the farm track on the left side of the B11 and later the Forstweg to Einsiedl. Now head along the shore to Zwergern and Walchensee. Here 4.5 km follow on the B11. In Urfeld turn right onto the Uferweg to Sachenbach and continue to Niedernach. Via the toll road (free of charge for cyclists) you reach the T-junction of the federal road and turn left on the route you know from the outward journey  back to Wallgau.


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