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Sound experience in the violin making museum (Dänzl Violin)

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Once again this year, there is the opportunity not only to marvel at some of the historical exhibits, but also to listen to them. Violinist Martin Eidenschink will be playing the historic Mittenwald violins on certain dates, eliciting the most beautiful tones from them and inviting you to a special kind of sound experience. Along the way, Eidenschink has all sorts of interesting facts to tell about the influence of Mittenwald violin making over the last few centuries. The sound experience is offered in two thematically different variations.
Start is at 16.00, duration approx. 45 minutes.
Today, Martin Eidenschink plays a violin by Johannes Dänzl (1714) and talks about the Mittenwald violins used by Antonio Vivaldi in Venice. Around 1700, a number of violins were made in Mittenwald, which Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) acquired shortly afterwards in Venice and played with his Figlie di Choro in the Ospedale della Pietà ( Some of these instruments from the Karwendel village, which were highly prized at the time, are still on display in the Pietà today. Experience in an intimate concert atmosphere how the Mittenwald violin, made in 1714 by Johannes Dänzl (1692-1728), sounded in Vivaldi's time and still sounds today.
The sound experience is an additional, free offer for individual guests. Here you can listen to a violin player and ask questions about the different sound facets of the Mittenwald violin. Registration is not required! Due to the limited space available, groups of more than 6 people cannot take advantage of this offer. However, group tours can be arranged with the museum.

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