Wallgau Panorama Tour

No. Tour Name km Altitude Difficulty Condition Cycle Technique Panorama Travel Time
11 Wallgau Panorama tour 17.37 465 3 2 3 4 1 hr 44 min

The ideal mountain bike tour for beginners or families, as well as a nice getaway in the late afternoon. With a climb of only 300 meters (984 feet), you can reach a viewing point north of Wallgau from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of Walchensee. Then there are the most beautiful views of Walchensee as you descend in the direction of Eschenlaine Valley. Depending on the weather and time of day, the lake shimmers in a rainbow of colors. If you like, you can take a detour to the lake to swim in the wonderful water. On a short section over a narrower trail, you can get a taste of MTB techniques, otherwise the route is technically quite easy and is suitable for everyone.

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