Your benefits with the AlpenweltCard

You can use the new AlpenweltCard to ride the red regional buses throughout the local district network free of charge starting on the very first day of vacation. You can also benefit from many other attractive offers and discounts.

Reginal bus network troughout the local district free of charge


To make sure you can enjoy the card´s many benefits right from you very first day of vacation, please fill out your registration form on the day you arrive or complete it online ahead of time, using a link provided by your host. After that, you will recive your personal AlpenweltCard from your host - and that´s all you need to start your vacation!


This symbol shows you the host where you can receive the "AlpenweltCard".


Spend 3 or more nights in the Alpenwelt Karwendel area to take advantage of the following benefits*:


  •     1 x free ascent or descent trip on the Kranzberg chairlift


  •     1 x free all-day admission to the Alpspitz-Wellenbad swimming pool complex in Garmisch-Partenkirchen


  •     1 x discount admission to the Alpenbad Leutasch swimming pool complex (discount value € 5.75)


  •     1 x discount admission to the Erlebnisbad Seefeld swimming pool complex (discount value € 5.75)

For detailed information, please consult the local tourist information center or contact the swimming pool facilities directly.

When you spend one night or more in the Alpenwelt Karwendel area, numerous offers are available* to you for use and/or participation free of charge, including the following:

If your host has not made the swich to electronic, you still won´t come away empty-handed. You recieve the manual guest card, which also includes many discounts. For further information, please consult the locas tourist information center.



* Thias does not apply during closures or maintenance periods • Last updated: May 2017

The Alpenwelt Karwendel Visitors’ Card

The attractive Visitors’ Card for your vacation in Mittenwald, Krün, and Wallgau provides you with free services and a wide range of discounts.

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