Your benefits with the AlpenweltCard

Use your AlpenweltCard to ride the regional buses throughout the Oberland area network free of charge right from your very first day of vacation! You can also benefit from many other attractive offers and discounts.

Regional bus network throughout the Oberland area FREE OF CHARGE


To make sure you can enjoy the card’s many benefits right from your very first day of vacation, please fill out your registration form on the day you arrive or complete it online ahead of time, using a link provided by your host. Your host will then issue you your personal AlpenweltCard – and that’s all you need to start your vacation!

In addition to the regional buses, you can also use the hiking and guest bus in the summer and the ski and guest bus in the winter, all free of charge as well.

The AlpenweltCard symbol shows you the host where you can receive the "AlpenweltCard".
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All discounts:

Free to use from as little as one night*

  • Local district regional bus network (see above)
  • Hiking and guest bus (summer)
  • Mittenwald-Lautersee-Ferchensee bus line (summer)
  • Ski and guest bus (winter)
  • Cross-country skiing trail bus from Vorderriss (winter, as needed)
  • Cross-country skiing trails
  • Parking in designated locations

Benefits for those who spend three or more nights*

  • Kranzberg chairlift: 1 x free uphill or downhill trip
  • Plus your choice of:
    Alpspitz-Wellenbad swimming pool complex in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: 1 x free all-day admission
    or Alpenbad Leutasch swimming pool complex – 1 x discount admission (discount value: € 5.75)
    or Erlebnisbad Seefeld swimming pool complex – 1 x discount admission (discount value: € 5.75)
    or Kristall Therme trimini indoor swimming pool, Kochel am See - 1x discount admission (discount value: 30%)

Discounts available at the following attractions from as little as one night:

  • Kranzberg chairlift
  • Mittenwald mini golf facility
  • Grubsee outdoor swimming pool
  • Wallgau mini golf facility
  • Waterfall trail in the Leutasch Ghost Gorge
  • Violin Museum
  • Guided tours focusing on murals and on local treats
  • Torchlit hikes with rustic traditional evenings
  • Sport shooting and bowling for guests (Krün)
  • Air rifle shooting for guests (Wallgau)
  • Indoor and outdoor tennis courts (Mittenwald and Wallgau)
  • Kranzberg Ski Paradise (Skiparadies Kranzberg)
  • Bavarian curling (Eisstockschiessen) in Mittenwald and Wallgau
  • Folk theater and traditional cultural evening
  • Golf- und Landclub Karwendel, Wallgau
  • Rafting courses at Active Adventures in Mittenwald
  • Glentleiten Open-Air Museum near Grossweil
  • Alpenbad Leutasch and Erlebnisbad Seefeld swimming pool complexes
  • Kristall Therme trimini indoor swimming pool, Kochel am See
  • Herzogstand cable car (uphill and downhill)
  • Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Free participation/admission from as little as one night*

  • Guided tours, botanical tours and mountain tours
  • Guided winter hikes and game feedings
  • Guided town and church tours
  • Concerts
  • Guest welcome in Mittenwald
  • Wallgau skating rink complex
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen casino (1 x per stay)
  • Hinterriss Nature Park House (Naturparkhaus)


If your host has not made the swich to electronic, you still won´t come away empty-handed. You recieve the manual guest card, which also includes many discounts. For further information, please consult the local tourist information center.



*This does not apply during closures or maintenance periods • Last updated: Jan 2019

The Alpenwelt Karwendel Visitors’ Card

The attractive Visitors’ Card for your vacation in Mittenwald, Krün, and Wallgau provides you with free services and a wide range of discounts.

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