Violin making competition 2018

Hand-crafted instruments from the home of violin making...

...can be seen at the 8th International Violin Making Competition in Mittenwald. This one-of-a-kind competition takes place during the Bavarian Pentecost holidays 2018 (mid-May to early June), and during it many violins, violas and cellos, hand-made by international masters of violin making, will be judged by an expert jury. More detailed information about the date follows shortly.

As a retrospect of the 7th International Violin Making Competition, please refer to the information about the winners of the last competition in 2014.

330 years of Mittenwald violin making history

What place would be better suited for a violin making competition than Mittenwald, where violins and string instruments have been made for over 330 years? Everything started in 1684 when Mittenwald’s most famous son Matthias Klotz brought the fine art of violin making back to his home town of Mittenwald from Italy.

Mittenwald artisans have been making string instruments without interruption ever since, and about a dozen master violin makers still practice this craft today. The Mittenwald Violin Making Museum was founded in 1930 to preserve this development through the centuries for posterity. For many generations now, pupils from all over the world have gone through top quality professional training in the violin making school founded in 1858. “Violin making” and “Mittenwald” are two concepts that are inextricably linked to one another.


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