Customs and Traditions

Home is a feeling that the natives want to share with you. Clerical activities are a ledger in the year in Bavaria. This is revealed by the many church towers and chapels in the Alpenwelt Karwendel. The whole town is out and about at processions and is dressed in traditional dress and especially at Easter time.

At the end of June the fires for Saint John are impressively sending their light from the mountains to the valley it is a spectacle. You should also enjoy the farmers week when the live stock is brought back from the mountain pastures and the carnival season with the “Maschkera”.

Our region is known as the land of Werdenfels it is a definition from the time before we joined Bavaria. The traditional dress of the land of Werdenfels is a real eye-catcher from the silk shawls, the hats with a downy feather of an eagle or the Gamsbart a tuft of hair from the chamois, smart dirndl dresses and of course the Lederhose short leather pants with embroidery. This is what is worn in Bavaria from birth and it is self-evident.


  • at the Bozner Markt Mittenwald is full of life Every five years-next time in 2017-it reminds us of the bloom of the town in the Middle Ages
  • You can find out all about the dates in the calendar of events.

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