Hiking tour through the Buckelwiesen "hummock meadows" to Mittenwald


This route on Hochstraße through the Buckelwiesen "hummock meadows" between Krün and Mittenwald features a variety of landscapes. Forests, pastures and lakes, as well as the gentle hummocks of the Buckelwiesen invite everyone, families included, to hike and enjoy the unique natural areas...

Highlights of the tour

  • Lovely view of the mountain panorama
  • Inviting rest benches for a breather
  • Maria Rast chapel in the Buckelwiesen "hummock meadows"

Tour description

From the "Haus des Gastes" (guest house) in Wallgau, follow the Ottenwangerweg to the "Maria Rast" chapel on the Buckelwiesen "hummock meadows," then on to the Goasalm alpine hut. The sunny, alpine route via the Goasalm alpine hut to Mittenwald offers a magnificent 360° panoramic view and is among the most popular hikes in the Alpenwelt Karwendel region. The route leads you past Schmalensee lake, to the Gröbalm lodge and on to the historic town center of Mittenwald.

Refreshment stops along the way

  • Restaurants in Mittenwald, Krün and Wallgau
  • Goasalm excursion destination in Mittenwald
  • Gröblalm lodge in Mittenwald

Trail numbers

  • 400
  • 839

General information about the tour

Alternative routes & other tips
For hikers and walkers who do not wish to take the direct route through the Buckelwiesen "hummock meadows" to Mittenwald, there is the option to first hike to the nearby lakes - Barmsee & Tennsee. From Tennsee lake, you can rejoin the hiking route through the Buckelwiesen "hummock meadows."
Parking options
  • Parking lot at the "Haus des Gastes" (guest house) in Wallgau (free with parking permit)
Best time of year
  • Accessible year-round
In case of emergencies:
In case of emergency, please inform the closest rescue coordination center. You can reach this regardless of your location, and across Germany, at 112.

Alpenwelt Karwendel Mittenwald Krün Wallgau Tourismus GmbH
Alpenwelt Karwendel Mittenwald Krün Wallgau Tourismus GmbH
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tour data

  • Duration: 02:58 h
  • Distance: 10,9 km
  • Altitude: 173 m
  • Difficulty:Easy


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