The Church of St. Sebastian in Krün

Krün is located on the old trade route between Munich and the Inn Valley, in the Upper Isar Valley, with its church from the 18th century. The Baroque building with its portly and, at the same time, impressive, towering onion dome and very simple exterior surprises visitors with its elegant, light, energizing interior.

The little Baroque church in Krün is proof of the highly artistic quality of Bavarian church Baroque even in the smallest villages. It is, therefore, representative of both the overall understanding of quality in the matter of art, as well as of the deep faith of rural Bavaria in the 18th century, through which such masterpieces were made possible, even in the smallest villages.

Attempts from the late 18th century by foundations formed by wealthy residents of Krün to establish a permanent resident prebendary failed for financial reasons. Only recently has St. Sebastian in Krün become an independent parish, though pastoral care is still the responsibility of Wallgau.

  • St. Jakob's pilgrimage route runs right past the Church of St. Sebastian.


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