SAITENSTRASSEN - the new Music event

Festival of folk and classical music

Alpenwelt Karwendel comes alive with music

 About 400 musicians, more than 80 folk music groups and the well-known Auryn string quartet are set to fill the Alpenwelt Karwendel area with music. From Wednesday, May 29, to Sunday, June 2, 2019, the SAITENSTRASSEN festival invites fans of folk and classical music alike to the Upper Isar Valley towns of Mittenwald, Krün and Wallgau. Many hosted outdoor stages and various inns and churches serve as the venues for folk music from around the local area, the wider Alps, and partner areas in Europe. The festival will be a happy one for musicians and visitors alike. The Mittenwald Violin Museum will host the SAITENSTRASSEN suite, as the Auryn Quartet presents a series of short concerts showcasing the sound of music played on the instruments exported from the Upper Isar Valley to the rest of the world over three centuries. Each town will have a music festival center where well-known groups such as Rotofenmusi, the Radauer Ensemble (formerly the Tobi-Reiser-Ensemble), Altbairische Musikanten Karl Edelmann and Ebbser Kaiserklang will perform as guests. Folk music groups from the Czech Republic and Italy will also be there to give a taste of folk music from their home regions.

Highlights – a preview

The SAITENSTRASSEN festival will open on Wednesday, May 29, 2019, with a special concert by the Gebirgsmusikkorps (Mountain Music Corps) at St. Anton. Admission is free. Donations will be collected for a charitable cause. The Gebirgsmusikkorps will present various ensembles and perform jointly with local groups. On Thursday, May 30, Tegernseer Tanzlmusi will put on an evening of dance at the Haus des Gastes in Wallgau. On Friday, May 31, the Auryn Quartet invites visitors to attend a classical opening concert at the Saints Peter and Paul Parish Church in Mittenwald. On Saturday, June 1, the violin making school will hold an open house, opening its doors to visitors.

On Sunday, special church services in Krün will feature folk music. After that, all three towns will host traditional late morning get-togethers with the local bands.

The music festival centers

The three centers of the music festival will host a diverse music program starting Friday evening, with more than 30 groups playing. They include the following musicians and musical groups:

  • Ebbser Kaiserklang
  • Allgäu6
  • D’Rotofenmusi
  • Altbairische Musikanten Karl Edelmann
  • Tegernseer Tanzlmusi
  • Radauer Ensemble (formerly the Tobi Reiser Ensemble)
  • Äff Tam Tam
  • Mittenwald, Krün and Wallgau Musikkapelle groups

Highlights in classical music

The renowned Auryn Quartet will play short classical concerns at the Violin Museum on Saturday and Sunday
Demonstrations with instruments by Klotz, Stradivari, Guarneri and Amati at the Violin Museum on Saturday and Sunday
 “Songs of the Angels” for zither and voice with Georg Glasl and Murni Suwjeta at the Saints Peter and Paul Parish Church in Mittenwald on Thursday
Postcard exhibition and “Ligneous Encounter” sound installation (Mark Polscher) at the Violin Museum
Open house at the the violin making school on Saturday

Local areas of focus

The SAITENSTRASSEN festival will be accompanied by a festive side program. All three festival centers will have markets where booths invite visitors to stroll and explore. Events aimed at all ages will feature regional culture and traditions. Each of the towns has chosen a different theme for its side program. The motto in Wallgau is “Regional Products”, Krün will be showcasing “Handicraft and Customs”, and the theme for Mittenwald is “Folk Dress and Tradition”.

A tradition of instrument making – classical meets folk music

Matthias Klotz, a Mittenwald resident, brought the craft of instrument making to his hometown in about 1685. Thanks to the town’s convenient location on an established trading route, the availability of spruce and maple wood, and above all the high-quality establishment of Cremonese violin design on this side of the Alps, instrument making flourished in Mittenwald. The development of classical and bourgeois music culture spurred international demand for instruments from Mittenwald. Leopold Mozart wrote from Paris in 1764 “...that Paris and London are full of violins from Mittenwald,” and his son Wolfgang Amadeus played a Mittenwald violin during his time in Salzburg. In Vienna, Budapest, and Saint Petersburg, too, instruments from Mittenwald were very popular. By the 19th century, when the production and sale of instruments from Mittenwald was controlled centrally by two major publishing houses, the trade had become an intercontinental one, reaching as far as the Americas. The festival will also investigate connections between folk and classical music: How, when, and why did classical music adapt structures from folk music?

The organization

The SAITENSTRASSEN festival is sponsored and organized by nonprofit organization Saitenstrassen e.V., which was founded by the towns of Mittenwald, Krün and Wallgau. The festival’s principal sponsor is Alpenwelt Karwendel GmbH.

 Festival pass

The music festival pass grants entry to the festival centers for a one-time fee of 17 euros covering the entire period. The pass includes shuttle bus service, a printed program and one uphill and downhill trip via the Kranzberg chairlift. Day passes cost 9 euros each (Kranzberg chairlift not included).

Advance ticket sales at and tourist information centers in Mittenwald, Krün and Wallgau.

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