Nonprofit organization Saitenstrassen e.V. presents “Saitenstrassen” -
the New Festival: Folk Music and the Tradition of Violin Making

Folk music heritage and the history of instrument making are the focus of the “Saitenstrassen” festival, to be held for the first time in the Alpenwelt Karwendel area from May 30 to June 2, 2019.

Plans call for a big meet-up of folk musicians from all over Europe. Our local folk musicians and musicians from Bavaria and other areas of Europe will come together to present “their” folk music.

During the “Saitenstrassen” festival, musicians will perform about 200 hours of music, spread across numerous open air and indoor stages in Mittenwald, Krün, and Wallgau. Many of the performances will be free of charge. There is also a festival pass available for 9 euros, which grants admission to almost all of the concerts and also includes shuttle service between the towns.

Music fills the Alpenwelt area

There will be a multifaceted program around the concerts, and musicians and visitors alike are invited to participate in a big, happy get-together with folk music being played all day on Saturday and Sunday. The pre-program will be held at local dining establishments on Thursday and Friday. The main festival venues are the Kuranlage Puit park in Mittenwald, the Kurhaus facility in Krün, and the Haus des Gastes facility in Wallgau, including the outdoor grounds in the latter two cases. The violin making museum in Mittenwald is the “musical history center” for the festival, where traditional concerts, instrument demonstrations, and a special exhibit will be offered.

“Saitenstrassen” festival brings people together

Music brings people together, just like streets do. (Hence the festival’s name, “Saitenstrassen,” a play on words on “side streets” and Saiten, the German word for strings.) To foster these kinds of connections, the organization is deliberately inviting musicians from other areas of Europe to come to the event. Participation is open to everyone. If you wish to perform yourself, feel free to register at http://www.saitenstrassen.de(in German). Musicians and well-known groups from around the region and Bavaria will also be invited.

A tradition of instrument making – classical meets folk music

At the “Saitenstrassen” festival, musicians and experts will introduce what distinguishes instruments from Mittenwald and what kind of music has been played on them around the world. The festival will also ask about connections between folk music and classical: How, when, and why did classical music adapt structures from folk music?

The “Saitenstrassen” festival is funded and organized by nonprofit organization Saitenstrassen e.V. The principal sponsor is Alpenwelt Karwendel GmbH.


For detailed information on registration, please visit http://www.saitenstrassen.de (in German) .


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