Bozner Market - Press release

Bozner Market

Historic trade and artisan market

Mittenwald 4. to 12. August 2012

Bozner Market - Press release

Press release

You will be able to download the official press release regarding the historic Bozner Market here .
Media contact for interviewees, photos in high resolution and for further questions:

Andrea Schmölzer from peak pr
Tel.: + 49-8151-773 773
E-mail: schmoelzer@peak-pr.de

Editorial coverage of the Bozner market is welcome. We will accredit journalists from all media sectors (print, online, TV, radio, web TV, photo), but reserve the right to make an accreditation after checking your details. Please note: The commercial use of pictures and texts (book, film, etc.) as well as their transfer to third parties is only permitted after approval by the town of Mittenwald.
The accreditation form can be downloaded here. For further information, please contact presse@alpenwelt-karwendel.de or call +49-8823-33 901.