Mitwirkende Gruppen

Bozner Market

Historic trade and artisan market

Mittenwald 4. to 12. August 2012

Mitwirkende Gruppen


Using the lute, hurdy-gurdy, shawm, and many other instruments, Banduroszka exclusively sings and plays their own compositions and arrangements. The mostly Middle High German texts that are partially taken from the anonymous Carmina Burana book collection are enriched with Slavic and late Roman elements thus producing an exotic mix that coupled with exciting rhythms and catchy melodies helps depict an image of a middle ages travelling gypsy band.

Bolzano‘s Market Theatre

Starting with the Bolzano Market in 2002 short theatrical performances depicting Mittenwald’s local chronicle‘s have been performed as supporting acts. The so-called „Bolzano Market Actors“ - an informal association of lay actors from the Mittenwald country theater, officials of the market and acting enthusiast from Mittenwald will once again coax many a laugh out of the visitors to the Bolzano in 2017.


In 2011 a group of young locals and students of the Instrument Making School got together in Mittenwald and founded Calescoli. The enthusiasm for Renaissance music and their affinity with Mittenwald kept the group together over the years and so, this year (in a slightly changed formation) Calescoli will again enrich the Bozner market with Their music. The young musicians interpret songs from the 16th century. The emphasis here is on the multi-voice singing, which is supplemented by various instruments.

Children´s Programm:

Every day at 2 pm and 5 pm children from the age of 4 years can listen to exciting fairy tales and stories from all around the world. The magical fairyland boasts among other things, fairies, magicians and dwarfs for the little ones. The ladies telling the fairy tales may also have brought along a surprise for the children. Duration of the narration 30 min. Admission is free of charge.


With us you can make your own, scented children's soaps. For this Purpose there are many colorful flowers and herbs to choose from. Or you can work one of the many semi precious stones ​​from our treasure chest into a colourful felt ball. If you have time to spare, you can learn to tie many different macrame knots with us, so as to create a living tree or your own wall decoration.

Children´s Dance Group

The Children`s and Youth Choir, the „Karwendelchorminis“ oft the municipality Mittenwald will perform historical, medieval dances and a series of children´s songs. The dances and songs are accompanied by historical instruments of bygone time such as Bagpipes, `Rauschpfeifen`, Flute and goblet drums.

De Hochhaxat‘n

The group „De Hochhaxat’n“ was founded in 2004 as a support act for the Open Air Theatre Kundschelamant. After ever new ideas, fancier costumes, and up to 2 m high stilts, this Mittenwald group first performed a puppet theatre on stilts at the Bolzano market in 2007. In addition to performances at the Bolzano market, the imposing yet elegant performers on stilts have since made a name for themselves in other performances outside of Mittenwald, such as the World Rowing Championship in Munich or at the rafting festival in Lenggrieß. At the Bolzano Market 2017, the slightly oversized puppeteers will again present their rather unusual puppets to enchant the audience, big or small, young or old, with the best pieces from their repertoire.

Traveling Entertainers

The juggler group consists of gymnasts made up of members from the local Athletic and Sports Club will once again entertain the visitors of the market with their lively, acrobatic performance.

Ignis In Silva

The Mittenwalder fireshow group have regularly been fascinating large audiences with their performance since 2007. When playing with fire the artists draw flaming images into the night using burning pois, rods, fire fans, and much more. They create a spectacular end to the day following on from the lighting of the pest fire. Ignis In Silva has appeared at many other festivals including the Karl May festival in Dasing, the Junior Ski World Cup in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the Viking market at the Walchensee and have now returned to Mittenwald to captivate its guests once again.

I Giovani

The young ones - are a group of younger members of the Mittenwalder Youth Orchestra conducted by Sissi Gossner. They have rehearsed renaissance music especially for the Bolzano market. Even little four year old children with their bells and drums dressed in historic costumes will be part of the activities and will entertain you with their youthful exuberance and joy.

Gemstone straining (for kids)

Children can strain their own gemstones here. A chest mixed with sand and semi-precious stones (e.g. agates, pyrite / fools gold, rock crystal, tiger eye, and many more) will be provided for the children to then fill a beaker and strain the contents with old wood sieves. The treasure can then be gathered.


Members of the Historical Mittenwald marching band will once again serve to entertain the visitors of this year‘s Bolzano market with their medieval lansquenet songs and pieces.


The group „Transeamus“ is a Mittenwalder female choir, which has existed for seven years. The nine women sing in concerts, at weddings and in church. Performing choral music ranging from the Middle Ages to the modern. They will mingle with the visitors of the Bolzano market and perform cheerful songs that were sung at the courts and in the streets at the time.

Tre Silvana

„Let‘s celebrate the Mittenwald market“ ...... This is the motto of their eponymous „Bozner Market Song“ for 2017. The group „Tre Silvana“ can be experienced in the taverns and on the many stages. The „Quadriga" not only performs self-written medieval songs and texts, but also weird stories, acted out lectures, sorcery and magic witchcraft. In 2017, the lute, the turntable, the drums and all sorts of clattering percussion instruments, will be joined by the medieval bagpipes, also known as the pipes. These will be heard in the alley ways of the market, together with the medieval cornett, a wind instrument made of wood, which is comparable to the trumpet known from the modern era. Last Bolzano Markets dice game ‚good vs. evil‘ which was extremely popular with the children will once again be presented by „Soprana the wonderful voice“, „Fabulus the narrator“ and „Magus the Magician“ in the most humorous way.