The sound experiences here in one of the most traditional regions of upper Bavaria are divers. Thanks to the violin making school many musical persons have been drawn to this corner of Bavaria.

The big music bands from Mittenwald, Krün and Wallgau arrange a good musical atmosphere the whole year round. Instrumental and vocal bands can be found in the inn’s, at traditional evenings and in the mountain huts. We in Bavaria call it “Stubenmusi” when there is a small round playing folk music.

Enjoy a holiday full of musical diversity!


  • on Schloss Elmau you can enjoy concerts by world renowned classic or jazz musicians the whole year round.
  • This diversity in the music shows itself during the music summer in Mittenwald, at the culture spring in Wallgau and during the different performances in Krün.
  • ask your hosts for the guest magazine “ Alpenwelt im Blick”. There you will find all the concerts and events in Mittenwald, Krün and Wallgau.


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