Raising the Maypole

... The maypole - A symbol of Mittenwald and Krun. ..

Raising the maypole in the historic town centers in Alpenwelt Karwendel is undoubtedly part of Bavarian tradition. Vacationers and local visitors alike will be attracted by this cultural spectacle and cheer on the local young men from the costume association or the Bavarian finger wrestling association, who heave the huge spruce tree into its vertical position inch by inch using nothing but muscle power.

In 1939 the first maypole was erected in in Krün and since then a total of 22 maypoles have been erected in the picturesque town center by the Traditional Costumes Association. Traditionally, the largest maypole in the Upper Isar Valley can be seen in Krün - the last was an impressive 43 meters high (141 feet).

A little smaller, but with the colors of the Bavarian sky - white & blue - the artistically painted maypole in Mittenwald town center is also worth seeing and is both a landmark and a meeting place. For many years the traditional maypole was to be seen next to the town hall, surrounded by festive music and dance. It was erected at Dekan Karl Platz for the first time on 1. May 2013.

Everyone gets involved in raising the pole. Even the junior association members help out, keeping this Bavarian tradition alive and passing it on to the next generation.


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