Karwendel Berglauf (Mountain Race)

...Germany's "classic mountain race"...

In July 2018, the 17th Karwendel mountain race starts in Mittenwald. The race will have some 400 international participants again this year, running from the pedestrian area in Mittenwald, through the Dammkar up to the Pasamani Viewing Point near the Karwendel Cable Car mountain station at 2,291 meters (7,516 feet) above sea level and NN and is also considered to be the hardest and most demanding mountain race event in Germany this year.

Be there either as a participant or a spectator when the 16th Karwendel mountain race across approximately 10.6 kilometers and 1,381 meters in altitude starts in Mittenwald. The Karwendel Cable Car brings everyone who wants to experience the finish near the finish line at around 2,291 meters (7,516 feet) above sea level up the Karwendel at 30 minute intervals.

Information for participants & spectators
Start: 14. July 2018 - provisional 2 pm
Starting point: Pedestrian zone Mittenwald (Obermarkt)
Course: 10.6 kilometers/1,381 meters in altitude

Route: Obermarkt – Hochstraße – Bahnhofstraße – Dammkarstraße – Mühlenweg – Weidenweg – Karwendel Cable Car Valley Station – Alpenkorpsstraße – Forstweg Dammkarhütte – Dammkarhütte Hiking Trail – Dammkar – Karwendel Cable Car Mountain Station – Pasamani Viewing Point


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  • More information on the Karwendel mountain race can be found on the website of the Mittenwald Mountain Running Club at http://karwendel-berglauf.de/.



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