Karwendel Loop

No. Tour Name km Altitude Difficulty Condition Cycle Technique Panorama Travel Time
17 Karwendel Loop 69.60 1972 4 4 3 5 6 hrs 59 min

The most famous tour of the region, an absolute classic, and rightly so! The complete circuit of the northern Karwendel range is one of the most beautiful mountain bike circuits in the northern Alps. The long Karwendel Valley is located between two impressive main ranges in the mountain range, the northern Karwendel range and the Vomper Range. At the sight of the craggy cliff face, you almost feel as though you are in the Dolomites. All the more remarkable, how easily this dream tour crosses the entire mountain range without a single climbing passage. Even the climb to the Karwendelhaus is steep, but very good to ride. After retreating to the Karwendelhaus, it is only a few more meters to the Hochalmsattel, where the next attraction already awaits you: Directly below the highest Karwendel peak, the Birkkarspitze (2,749 m/9019 feet), you can freewheel through the many hairpin bends to Kleine Ahornboden. Ancient, gnarled mountain oak trees grow in a secluded cirque, directly in front of the towering peaks that climb over a thousand meters (3,280 feet). Further back, you can look up to the almost vertical Laliderer Wände, which you come quite close to by bicycle on the descent to the Falkenhutte. A long and fast descent brings cyclists into the Riß Valley, where you start on the long journey back along the other side of the northern Karwendel range. Exhausted and happy, you reach the Vereiner Alpine hut at the foot of the Soiernspitze, where you can sit in the afternoon sun and review the impressive sights of the day.


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