Impressions from the world of the alps

...where Bavaria is at its most beautiful…

In the vacation resorts of Alpenwelt Karwendel – Mittenwald, Krün, and Wallgau – there are a multitude of options available to visitors. Whether hiking, cycling, climbing, golf, or swimming in the summer or skiing, cross-country skiing, winter hiking, toboggan or ski tours in the winter. In Alpenwelt Karwendel, there are innumerable possibilities for the entire family. Here, you will find all of the promo video for Alpenwelt Karwendel, which will give you some ideas for your feel-good vacation in the Bavarian mountains…


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Cross-country skiing in Alpenwelt Karwendel

Cross-country skiing in Mittenwald, Krün, and Wallgau - this means active winter fun on 150 kilometers of superbly-maintained cross-country ski trails. Go cross-country skiing where Magdalena Neuner and Martina Beck are at home...

Advent in Alpenwelt Karwendel

See what Advent is like in Alpenwelt Karwendel... spend a few hours in quiet reflection at the Christmas market, surrounded by the smell of cookies and punch, or attend a moving concert...

Hiking in Alpenwelt Karwendel

The number one hiking region... in Alpenwelt Karwendel there are countless options for walking, hiking, mountaineering and climbing. Here, you can really find something for every taste!

Mountain hiking & climbing in Alpenwelt Karwendel

Of course, mountaineers and climbers are also well catered to in Alpenwelt Karwendel. Here, you will find Alpine mountain climbing tours and sporty rock climbing tours on the rugged cliffs...

Summer in Alpenwelt Karwendel

Summer in Alpenwelt Karwendel ... what could be better than exploring the natural environment around Mittenwald, Krün, and Wallgau in beautiful weather? And at the end of the tour, jumping into a clear mountain lake to cool off...

Winter in Alpenwelt Karwendel

Winter around Mittenwald, Krün, and Wallgau has no less to offer holidaymakers than the summer. Beautiful cross-country ski courses, perfectly maintained ski slopes and cleared winter hiking trails! Experience all of this in Alpenwelt Karwendel...

Family vacation in Alpenwelt Karwendel

Spend your family vacation in Alpenwelt Karwendel - we guarantee you will never be bored! See options for the old and young in Mittenwald, Krün, and Wallgau.

Culture and tradition in Alpenwelt Karwendel

See how traditions, customs, and culture are still held in high regard in Alpenwelt Karwendel. There is lots to see at these traditional social evenings and folk theaters, bringing in the cattle, during the Fasching Carnival and religious processions...

Mountain biking in Alpenwelt Karwendel

Discover the unspoilt natural environment around Mittenwald, Krün, and Wallgau in comfort on flat cycle paths or, for the sportier, on demanding mountain climbs by mountain bike. A wide variety of options for your active holiday in Alpenwelt Karwendel!

Experience nature in Alpenwelt Karwendel!

...The nature around the three resorts ensures that this region at the foot of the Karwendel mountain range is exceptional. Green Meadows, colorful forests, clear mountain lakes and striking mountain ranges - Experience nature in Alpenwelt Karwendel.

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