Hike on the Geological Loop Trail in Wallgau

(round trip),

This informative hike on the Geological Loop Trail in Wallgau will lead you over the tracks of the Ice Age, where you will learn many interesting things about the region's Buckelwiesen "hummock meadows," polished glacial rock, tumuli, drumlins, dolines and other geological features in the Alpenwelt Karwendel region.

Highlights of the tour

  • Geological Loop Trail with many exhibits and interesting info panels
  • Stop for refreshment at the Maxhütte alpine hut, with a marvelous all-around view
  • Ideal excursion destination for families with children

Tour description

The first info panel can be found at Dorfplatz in Wallgau: "Various limestones of the region." A variety of fossils which contributed to the creation of the Karwendel mountains are shown here. From there, follow Simetsbergstraße to the polished glacial rock and the spring. Before the ascent to the Maxhütte alpine hut (Fahrenberg, about 30 mins., no trail numbers), where you will find a spectacular, all-around view and can stop for a snack in a homey, inviting atmosphere, the road branches to the left. There you will find three and four, "Historical Mining" and "Ice Age Landscapes." Among other things, they show how cavern slate, sandstone and ore were removed and processed for a wide variety of uses. Later, you will encounter the peculiar tumuli:  pointed hills created by the layering of river deposits amidst the glaciers. There are only seven in all of Bavaria; three of them can be admired right here. The "Tumuli" info panel ends the loop tour, and you can return to Dorfplatz.

Refreshment stops along the way

  • "Maxhütte" alpine hut excursion destination near Wallgau
  • Restaurants in Wallgau

General information about the tour

Alternative routes & other tips
After climbing to the nearby "Maxhütte" alpine hut excursion destination (refreshment stop), you can descend to Wallgau via the popular Magdalena Neuner Panorama Trail, which leads to the "Haus des Gastes" in the center of Wallgau.
Parking options
  • Parking lot at the "Haus des Gastes" (guest house) in Wallgau (free with parking permit)
Best time of year
  • Accessible year-round
In case of emergencies:
In case of emergency, please inform the closest rescue coordination center. You can reach this regardless of your location, and across Germany, at 112.

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Alpenwelt Karwendel Mittenwald Krün Wallgau Tourismus GmbH
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tour data

  • Duration: 00:52 h
  • Distance: 3,1 km
  • Altitude: 50 m
  • Difficulty:Very easy


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