Leutasch Ghost Gorge in Mittenwald

...In the realm of the Gorge Ghost...

Hell water and ghost pools, witches' cauldrons and devil waters, a world of experiences made of water and stone. Welcome to the realm of the Gorge Ghost and his goblins!
Everyone has heard of ghosts, goblins, and dwarfs. They are said to be at home in this untouched natural environment. But so far only a few people have even seen such beings... Discover the mysterious Geisterklamm (Ghost Gorge) in Mittenwald, the ideal destination for family excursions. Experience the realm of the Gorge Ghost along two loop trails.

Klammgeist Trail (The Gorge Ghost Trail) 3,000 meters (9,842 feet) in length
The Klammgeist (Gorge Ghost) Trail rises from the parking lot in the Leutasch Valley up 600 meters (1,968 feet) into the gorge and runs along a 800 meter long (2,624 feet) walkway to the panoramic bridge. From there, it returns along the forest trail to the parking lot. At various stops along the way, the Gorge Ghost tells stories of all kinds of mysteries in his realm.

Goblin Trail, 1,900 m (6,233 feet) in length
The trail leads from the Gorge Kiosk in Mittenwald over the polished glacial rocks into the Leutasch Gorge and meets the Klammgeistweg (Gorge Ghost Trail) on the panoramic bridge. The way back down to the starting point leads along the steep northern flank of the gorge cliff. Along this path, the goblins report on the Leutasch Gorge from the glaciers and rocks.


  • Do not forget to visit the waterfall path inside the gorge. In this old part of the gorge, the Leutascher Ache (Leutasch Waterfall) crashes to a depth of approximately 23 m (75 feet) right in front of the visitors.
  • Download the flyer for Leutascher Geisterklamm (Leutasch Ghost Gorge) as a PDF document here.


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