Bringing in the cattle

...Bavarian traditions...

A wildly enjoyable vacation experience is provided by the farmers' weeks in Alpenwelt Karwendel in early autumn. Old customs such as bringing in the cattle, as well as the costumes, music and culinary delights of Upper Bavaria, provide a generous helping of Bavarian flair.

At the beginning of autumn, hundreds of goats, sheep, and cows return home from the summer pastures. At the bringing in of the cattle in Krün and Mittenwald, herdsmen drive the cows through the streets. In Alpine festival which follows is always vigorously celebrated with Alpine hornblowers, Goaslschnalzer (traditional whip performers) and Schuhplattlern (shoe slappers).

Delicious treats from Upper Bavaria are available at the Schmankerl (delicacies) Week in Wallgau and at the farmers markets. The harvest thanksgiving processions at the end are particularly festive.


  • The farmers weeks are in September and October. Everything to do with the bringing in of the cattle can always be found in the events calendar.
  • In Mittenwald, sheep, goats and horses are also driven through the streets. Prizes are even awarded for the most beautiful animals!


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