...a very special tradition...

In Alpenwelt Karwendel, customs and tradition are still a central part of everyday life. This is particularly clear during Fasching, or the carnival season, when the "Maschkera" parade through the historic village centers of Mittenwald, Krün and Wallgau wearing hand-carved wooden masks.

"Unsinniger Donnerstag"
Year on year, is it a very special moment, when the "Schellenrührer" (bell ringers) spring from one of the historic doorways in Mittenwald's richly traditional town center to strike midday for the parish church of St. Peter and St. Paul. Led by the harbinger, who symbolizes the spring awakening, the twelve "Schellenrührer", each of which represents a month of the year, wake the first spirits of spring with heavy cow bells.
But it is not only the "Schellenrührer", but also the "Goaslschnalzer" (whip performers), "Pfannenziacher" (panhandlers) and many other gnarly costumed characters who announce the arrival of spring in Alpenwelt Karwendel. This centuries-old custom attracts a host of visitors to the pedestrian zones in Alpenwelt Karwendel.

Here you will find more information about "Unsinniger Donnerstag" in Mittenwald, as well as an interesting video ...


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