Bringing in the Cattle

...something wild is going on...

At the bringing in of the cattle and the farmers' weeks at the three vacation resorts in Alpenwelt Karwendel - Mittenwald, Krün, and Wallgau. On Sunday, September 16th, 2018 Mittenwald will be ready!

If the Alpine summer has been good for the animals, they will be ''adorned" again this year, providing a very unique spectacle. An old tradition says that the animals are only to be decorated if none of the cattle died on the pastures during the long summer.

From about 11 am, the cattle are driven through the historic town center of Mittenwald to the fairground at Riedboden. Afterwards, everyone gets to join in the celebrations at the small Alpine festival with traditional music and Bavarian specialties.


  • If you have any questions about Alpenwelt Karwendel, the tourist information vacation advisors in Mittenwald, Krün, and Wallgau are available at any time.
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