...Are you a biathlon fan?

Then you should try it out in your skiing holidays. During the guest biathlon you can try it out and after a round of cross-country skiing you will be firing at the same spot where the sight disk was that made Magdalena Neuner to the star that she is today.

Guest's from the age of 18 step into the golden tracks of the Olympia winner from Wallgau. Put on the skis and experience for yourself how difficult cross-country skiing in combination with shooting really is. Adept biathlon cross-country skiers from the Skigau Werdenfels e.V. offer this fun and convivial sport for everybody in the Alpenwelt Karwendel. First of all you will get directions on the correct skating style and then it off into the original training tracks with the guest squadron. The felling of competition is also included.


  • every Wednesday at 11 a.m. the guest biathlon starts in Kaltenbrunn close to Krün
  • just ask your hosts and register at least one day ahead in one of the tourist information offices.

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