Backcountry ski tour on the Feldernkopf in Mittenwald


A backcountry ski tour to the Feldernkopf (2,071 m) in the Alpenwelt Karwendel region is simply a must for backcountry skiers all around Mittenwald, Krün and Wallgau. The climb to the Feldernkopf in the unique mountain environment of the Karwendel is usually rewarded with fresh powder snow.

Highlights of the tour

  • Climb through the alpine mountain environment
  • Distinctive panoramic views
  • Magical descent options over open terrain

Tour description

The open summit slope of the Feldernkopf (2,071 m) is positively inviting to backcountry skiers in the Alpenwelt Karwendel region. The interesting climb to the Feldernkopf begins at the parking lot at the Seinsalm, north of Mittenwald. From here, backcountry skiers first follow the forest road toward the Vereiner Alm alpine hut, to branch off to the left at the Ochsenalm alpine hut (not open to the public). The track then leads to the northeast through the alpine forest to an open ridge. From there, backcountry skiers follow the trail to the right, to the summit of the Feldernkopf. In safe avalanche conditions, backcountry skiers can descend directly in a chute to the west.
Backcountry ski tours in the alpine terrain must be carefully planned. This preparation includes the proper selection of tour destination, assessment of the current avalanche and weather situation and an evaluation of one's own capabilities and experience – backcountry skiing is always at your own risk!

Refreshment stops along the way

  • Restaurants in Mittenwald, Krün and Wallgau
  • No other refreshment opportunities along the way

Trail numbers

  • 350
  • 359

General information about the tour

Alternative routes & other tips:
Alternatively, you can also begin the backcountry ski tour to the Feldernkopf from the northern hiking parking lot in Mittenwald. The snow-covered forest road leads past the Aschauer Alm alpine hut (not open to the public) and over the Seinsbach bridge, likewise on the forest road, toward the Vereiner Alm and Ochsenalm alpine huts.
Parking options
  • Parking lot at the Seinsalm in Mittenwald (free)
  • Northern hiking parking lot in Mittenwald (free)
Best time of year
  • December to April (weather-dependent)
In case of emergencies:
In case of emergency, please inform the closest rescue coordination center. You can reach this regardless of your location, and across Germany, at 112.

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tour data

  • Duration: 04:30 h
  • Distance: 12,0 km
  • Altitude: 1158 m
  • Difficulty:Moderate


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